Social Media Marketing

Optimize and get the best out of social Media

As marketers focus on optimizing their social media programs this year, return on investment is going to be a huge consideration. As a result, marketers will and should take a more calculated approach towards budgeting for social marketing initiatives. Prioritizing spending on particular social activities, though, is a task that hasn't quite been mastered by most companies.

Here at Tamba Media it's very simple: We don't deliver, you don't pay!

Organize for collaboration:
Organize a team dedicated towards leading the company's social initiatives. This centralized, core team should be tasked with creating social media policies, deploying education programs and implementing collaboration tools, with the overarching goal of helping team members share best practices and communicate effectively internally.

Iron out response processes:
Before launching elaborate social initiatives, like Facebook Pages andcorporate blogs, Let us develop a triage system, which details who responds to customers in certain situations, and what they should and should not say.

Invest in your social Presence:
The beauty of social media is that it breaks down barriers between people. Now, more than ever, brands can easily see what consumers are saying about them online. That's where listening comes in. Businesses in novice stage should invest in brand monitoring tools.