PPC Campaign Management
Get your sales on the fast track by having your business show up in the sponsored listings of the major search engines. With full-service management, Tamba Media builds the aggressive and successful campaign that targets your potential customers when they're ready to act. With experience in dozens of B2B and B2C industries, you can rest assured knowing that your campaigns are managed to maximize your return while you stay in the loop with some of the most in-depth reporting in the industry.


Why Us?


Professionally built campaigns designed to expand with success:
All too often search marketers build campaigns for today's results to prove their worth. Tamba Media builds for today and the future by planning several tests before initial launch. Areas of opportunity are constantly explored as they develop from the data, and mature into new revenue streams to fuel continued growth. As tests conclude, more tests are designed to continually grow your performance and fund future efforts.

Channel Agnostic:
Tamba Media' staff has experience with more than two dozen search engines around the globe, not counting various content networks and newspapers. There is a lot more business out there than just Google, and we'll make sure you get as much as you can handle.

Local Conversations with a Global Audience:
Tamba Media utilizes state-of-the-art targeting to show your ads to only the people who will benefit from your products, so your money isn't wasted on clicks from people who you can't help.

Customized Reporting to fit your terms:
We don't work with black boxes or secret ingredients, so everything is out in the open. We also don't force you to learn our reporting methods. Instead of having a cookie-cutter report that sends the same type of information to everyone, Tamba Media makes sure to understand what is the most important information to your business, and builds customized reports around your areas of interest that are easy for you to read.

Testing, Testing, and more Testing:
Will you connect more with a searcher at the top of a page or at the bottom? Will it perform better with a different ad, or does it simply need a new call-to-action? Does it need a call-to-action at all? We test everything and anything we can to ensure your best performance is truly the best.

Fees based on labor, not percentage of spend:
The old-media model of charging based on how much you spend has no business in the 21st century. By charging only for the time used to manage your campaigns, you can ensure that your recommendations are objective and intended to give you the best result, not simply to spend more. You will be presented with the option to purchase more hours if we find areas to expand into beyond the regular management.

Contact us today for a free quote on establishing your new paid search campaign. If you have an existing campaign, you may qualify for a free analysis to determine what we can do for you.